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Cast Stone Arch
Cast Stone Arch AC178
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A cast stone arch or arch surround is often used to enhance the entrance of a property.  For general advice or to discuss your requirements for cast stone arches, please call us on 0113 286 3329 or fill out this request form

Cast stone arches for new builds, self-builds and renovation projects

Our standard cast stone arches are ideal for new build and self-build projects, though it's no problem at all for us to produce bespoke entrance arches to an architect's specification.  For renovation projects, replicating an existing natural stone arch with a cast stone arch is straightforward for us and we will ensure the colour matching is very accurate.

arch drawingcast stone colour and shadesAt Procter Cast Stone we provide standard cast stone arches, but can also produce cast stone arches in any design - both in traditional and contemporary designs. 

Download arch drawing and cast stone colour manual from the left.  Or request free quote for your cast stone arch order or download CAD drawings from below.