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Cast stone Wall cladding - High Quality Ashlar Walling from Procter Cast Stone

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All cast stone products are typically more cost effective than the quarried stone alternatives, but for stone wall cladding, and in particular ashlar walling, this is especially so.  The reason that artificial stone cladding is so much more cost effective than real stone cladding is that natural stone ashlar walling has to be sawn to very precise tolerances and then the surface needs to be smoothed to remove any production marks.  It can then be laid with joints as small as 3mm and therefore appears almost seamless.  For general advice or to discuss your requirements for cast stone walling and ashlar walling, please call us on 0113 286 3329 or fill out this request form.

Using cast stone ashlar walling for renovation projects

Because cast stone walling can be created in virtually any colour, it can be used in restoration projects in place of selected original stone cladding.  This process is much more cost-effective than using natural stone cladding, and the end result will typically look every bit as good.

Consistency in size for artificial stone cladding

Producing a concrete cladding, or reconstituted stone cladding, is far simpler and more accurate than natural stone because the exact dimensions needed are created once for the original mould.  After that, every piece of reconstituted stone walling that comes out of the mould will be identical.

Ashlar walling in artificial stone is more cost effective

Creating an ashlar wall in artificial stone cladding rather than stone wall cladding is not only more cost-effective, but the end result will appear entirely convincing - so just as if the ashlar walling was real stone.

Ashlar wall claddingAt Procter Cast Stone we provide standard cast stone walling and cast stone ashlar walling but can also produce product in any design, texture, size and colour required.  Download Ashlar walling drawing and cast stone colour manual from the left.  Require your free quote for your order or download Ashlar wall cladding CAD drawing from below.