Cast Stone Colours and Shades


colour_sample.jpg A range of standard colours is available to match most natural stone shades and these include :


Cast Stone Colour and ShadesDownload Complete Cast Stone Colour and Shades

We also make products in non-standard colours, and can match colours and textures on existing cast stone or natural stone features.  If you require a non-standard colour, just send us a sample and we will match it or send an image and we will propose our nearest match.

Whilst the colours shown above are a reasonable replication of the available standard colours, we would recommend that we supply you with one or more of our colour samples where accurate matching is critical.

View our Gallery to see how Procter Cast Stone products in different colour shades have been used across a wide range of applications, from major retail developments to intricate detailing on places of worship.

Procter Cast Stone is offering architects and specifiers FREE colour sample.  These provide an ideal opportunity to view the colours and finish available on cast stone - and to see how similar it is to natural stone.

Cast stone is a cost-effective, lower-risk alternative to natural stone, whether for one-off products or larger volumes.  Cast stone units can be produced to mimic, for example, Dard Portland Stone, Cheshire Red, Aire, Milstone Grit and Yorkstone, as well as many others.  Procter Cast Stone can also manufacture products in custom colours to match existing materials. 

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