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Cast Stone Columns, Pillars and Pilasters from Procter Cast Stone

cast stone column cap and base

Cast Stone Column Cap & Base
Portico with Steel Balustrade EF113
Cast Stone Columns, Pillars

Columns, pillars and pilasters can be important architectural components in more traditional properties with an imposing design.  Procter Cast Stone have huge experience in manufacturing high quality architectural columns and pre-cast pillars.  For general advice or to discuss your requirements for cast stone columns, pillars and pilasters, please call us on 0113 286 3329 or fill out this request form

Interior and exterior columns, pillars and pilasters

Although exterior applications are more usual - e.g. for exterior porch columns - cast stone precast columns and precast concrete pillars (though we prefer not to call them concrete) can equally be used for interiors instead of, or to replace, natural stone columns and natural stone pillars.  In all cases, it is highly likely that the cast stone product will be far more cost effective than the natural stone equivalent.

Cast Stone column caps and column base

To match your cast stone columns or to replace existing stone column caps or a stone column base, we are able to manufacture cast stone column bases and cast stone column caps.

Standard columns, pillars and pilasters as well as bespoke designs

We hold a range of standard columns, pillars and pilasters and these can be seen here.  However, because of the way cast stone products are created any design can be expertly manufactured in our factory, with our highly skilled craftsmen able to assemble moulds containing intricate detail.

Columns, pillars and pilasters for new build, self-build and renovation projects

At Procter Cast Stone we have vast experience in working with all these types of building development, and ensure we work closely with the architect, developer or home owner to ensure the product arrives on site exactly as expected and on time.

Columns, pillars and pilasters carefully delivered to site

We use our own transport to carefully deliver your cast stone columns, pillars and pilasters to site.  This ensures they arrive in perfect condition and also on the exact day you require them as part of the wider build or renovation project.

Cast Stone Columns
Renovation projects will often require cast stone columns and cast stone pillars to be colour matched to existing natural stone columns and natural stone pillars.  This is a straightforward process for us and we're able to accurately colour match to virtually any existing stonework. 
Download cast stone pillar drawing and cast stone colour manual from the left, or request your free quote and download CAD pillar drawing from below.