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A corbel is a stone which protrudes from a wall and is used to support a structure above it such as a balcony or canopy.  Stone corbels were used extensively in European architecture from the 16th century onwards.   For general advice or to discuss your requirements for cast stone corbels, please call us on 0113 286 3329 or fill out this request form

Cast stone corbels for renovation projects

As corbels were used extensively on properties from the 16th century onwards, the renovation of very old properties will often require stone corbels to be replaced.  Using cast stone corbels rather than natural stone corbels will typically be a better solution for three main reasons:
  • Cost - cast stone is typically cheaper than natural stone and becomes increasingly so the more corbels are needed (as simply another product from a mould)
  • Colour - this can be accurately and consistently matched to remaining stonework
  • Consistency - once a mould is accurately created every cast stone corbel will be identical

Cast stone corbels for new builds and self-build projects

Although corbels are more typically used on new builds and self-build projects where the property is in a traditional design, more contemporary buildings also use cast stone corbels with simple sleek lines.  If our range of standard corbels isn't suitable for your requirements, we're always able to produce very high quality bespoke cast stone corbels to any design.

Corbel drawingWe have a range of standard cast stone corbels which can be produced in a wide number of colours, with these matching other architectural features we produce such as cornices and keystones.  For more elaborate designs of corbel, we are easily able to produce bespoke cast stone corbels to an architect's design.   Download corbel drawing and cast stone colour manual from the left.  Request free quote for your order or download CAD drawing for cast stone corbel. 



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