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Download Procter Cast Stone Free literatures including product and service brochures; case studies to show different applications and cast stone from Procter vast experiences; Well written cast stone architects and self-build guides for you to find information and regulations relevant to your cast stone project.

Specifier Guides

Free Guides for Architects, Contractors and Self-Builders that explain the uses of Cast Stone and how to specify and build using Procter Cast Stone.  Please log in first, or register with us to download (only take 30 seconds)

Standards and CE Marking Requirements for Cast Stone

This table indicates which standards are applicable to different cast stone products, and whether CE Marking to the Construction Products Regulation is a legal requirement.

Cast Stone CE Marking Checklist

This checklist is in the form of a decision tree, so a series of 'yes' or 'no' answers to simple questions indicates whether a cast stone product should be CE marked to the Construction Products Regulation.

Cast Stone Tips for Architects

cast stone tips for architects - using cast stone installation service from the manufacturer

Self Builders Guide to Cast Stone*

The Self-Builder's Guide to Cast Stone explains what this exceptionally versatile construction material can be used for, how it is manufactured and how easy it is to work with -  both in terms of design and installation.  Illustrated with a wealth of colour photographs, the guide benefits from a table of applicable British Standards and Eurocodes, as well as listing sources of further information. Read Self Builder's Guide to Cast Stone online

Understanding Cast Stone*

An 8-page guide to cast stone products for Specifiers.  Read Cast Stone products guide online. 

Cast Stone Installation*

Free 8 Page Guide to the installation and aftercare of cast stone products for Contractors, Self-Builders and Architects.  Read cast stone installation guide online.

Architects Product Guide*

Free Architects guide to cast stone products contains 7 pages of information about how to maximise the benefits offered by cast stone in the most cost-effective way, whether the products in question are one-offs or manufactured in larger quantities.  The guide also includes sections covering site practice, aftercare and maintenance, and there is a comprehensive list of applicable British Standards and Eurocodes. Read Cast Stone Architect's Product Guide online

Cast Stone Technical Manual

Some of the key technical aspects of cast stone are considered within the UKCSA Technical Manual.  The various sections of the manual are available for free download. Read UKCSA Technical Manual online. 

Fencing Architects Guide*

Procter Cast Stone often work with its brother brand Procter Fencing Systems in offering railings, fencings with cast stone copings or gate posts.  A new FREE GUIDE  for architects that explains the differences between alternative types of fencing and how to strike the right balance between security, aesthetics, durability and cost.  Download your FREE Architect's Guide now! Read Fencing Architect's Guide online

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