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Cast stone plinths provide a base for another item which could be a column or free-standing feature such as an urn or statue, Procter supply plinth design and manufacture service.  Plinth blocks are individual units which, when used together, form the base to a wall or large plinth and are typically chamfered to create a visually attractive feature.  For general advice or to discuss your requirements for cast stone plinths and plinth blocks, please call us on 0113 286 3329 or fill in this request form.    

Cast stone plinths and plinth blocks for new builds

For both residential and commercial new build properties which require plinth blocks, at Procter Cast Stone we're able to supply standard product in a wide range of colours or produce bespoke product to an architect's design.

Cast stone plinths and plinth blocks for renovation projects

As cast stone is generally much more cost effective than natural stone and because cast stone can be accurately colour matched to any existing natural stone, it is ideal for renovation projects.  So when a renovation project requires new plinths or plinth blocks, cast stone is the ideal material, and with Procter's renowned quality the end result will look entirely authentic.

Plinth drawingWe provide standard cast stone plinths and plinth blocks in a range of designs and sizes, plus can also produce bespoke designs to any specification.  Colours for both standard and bespoke stone plinths and plinth blocks can be matched to existing stonework or any one of our range of standard colours used.

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