Cast Stone Step Treads and Risers in Traditional and Contemporary Styles

Cast Stone Step ST165
Cast Stone Step Treads

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​Steps have two main components - treads and risers and as shown in this diagram, cast stone step treads and risers are ideal in many property types, as the cast stone process allows for the exact dimensions and style to be created at a fraction of the cost of natural stone step treads and risers.  

We can produce cast stone steps in both traditional and contemporary styles, and both for interior and exterior applications.  For property renovations, replacing all or some natural stone step treads and risers in cast stone is generally a much more cost-effective option than replacing with natural stone.  And because we can colour-match so accurately to the original stone steps, the new cast stone steps will blend in relatively seamlessly.

Quality control and delivery of your cast stone step treads and Risers

At Procter Cast Stone we take great care of all the orders we receive, which starts with processing the inquiry, then through production or straight from stock, to delivering to your site on the agreed day and using our own transport.  So to ensure you get the quality of cast stone step treads and risers you need, or indeed any other type of cast stone building product, delivered in perfect condition and on the agreed date, be sure to come to Procter Cast Stone first.

For contemporary homes and other buildings, we're able to manufacture and supply simple and elegant cast stone steps and both for interior and exterior use.

We provide a range of standard cast stone step treads and risers, and can easily manufacture any design of steps to an architect's specification.

Download step drawing and cast stone colour manual from below, or request free quote for step order and download CAD drawings.

Steps drawing cast stone colour and shades
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