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Grantley Hall

Client - R N Wooler
Project - Grantley Hall
Sector - Hotel
Products used - Semi-dry cast stone columns 

Dating back to the 17th century, Grantley Hall has been used as a premier wedding venue and luxury hotel with its prominent cast stone features. Procter cast stone supplied and installed a number of columns and niche surrounds for this project, both internally and externally for restoration purposes as well as new pieces.

The Project
As per client requests, we supplied and installed columns and niche surrounds internally and externally throughout the build.

The Problem
Existing columns had a steel post through the centre of them with only 5mm worth of tolerance between the stone and the steel.

The Solution
Procter's in-house team expertly installed the columns around the steel posts and made any necessary adjustments to the existing steel to ensure a flush finish. 

The Results
The build is one of the country’s premier wedding and luxury hotels with its prominent cast stone features.

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