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Cast stone for luxury homes and apartments

  • Project type – New-build luxury homes and apartment block
  • Year completed – 2017
  • Project location – North central London
  • Client – Undisclosed
  • Services provided – Design and manufacture of bespoke cast stone units, scheduled deliveries
  • Products used – Plinth, window and door surround, canopies, porticos, walling blocks, coping, cladding, string courses, eaves course, corbels, quoins and keystones.

Project Overview

The client wanted the highest quality cast stone for this prestigious project. In addition, advice was required regarding design details for the individual units and bespoke fixings. Challenging timescales had to be met and manufacturing tolerances were extremely tight because very thin 3 mm mortar joints had been specified.

Our project manager held numerous site and design meetings, after which we produced over 50 manufacturing drawings for client approval. Subsequently, 30 deliveries were scheduled to supply the 305 tonnes of cast stone that we manufactured, every item is labelled with type and location references.

Special air brick units featured an intricate pattern of through-holes. We undertook research to establish the best way to meet this requirement without compromising the high-quality surface finish.