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Standard and bespoke cast stone products from Procter

Procter Cast Stone offers a very wide range of high quality standard and bespoke cast stone products for every application. Whether your project is for a house, retail outlet, public building, a new build or restoration project we can provide the optimum product. All Procter cast stone products are manufactured in our own factory ensuring that our customers benefit from good control of costs, quality and delivery schedules.

Why choose Procter Cast Stone

  • Cost - cast stone is more cost effective than natural stone and once a mould is made the savings for quantities are even greater
  • Colour - this can be accurately and consistently matched to remaining stonework
  • Consistency - once a mould is accurately created every cast stone item made from that mould will be identical

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Bespoke design

We specialise in the manufacture of bespoke cast stone to architects' and customers' own designs.  Of course bespoke productions take a little longer but our highly skilled in-house design and mould making team ensure we can produce almost any product that the customer can design.

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We're here to help with your cast stone project

Our expertise and experience in the design, manufacture and supply of our wide range of high quality standard and bespoke cast stone products will ensure your full satisfaction.

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