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Cast stone architectural cornices

In an architectural sense, a cornice is a horizontal projection which completes the top of a building.  Historically and as their function, cornices were used on buildings to divert rainwater away from the walls. 

For new build projects and self-build projects when the property is in a traditional style, cornices will often be used and here cast stone is the obvious choice for both cost and consistency of product reasons. Our standard range of cast stone cornice products are generally fine for new build developments and self-build projects, but if a bespoke design of cornice is required we're easily able to produce and supply this. 

  • Our cast stone products exceed BS:1217 standards
  • Available in 8 colours
  • Bespoke or matched colours upon request
  • Bespoke designs
  • All products manufactured using the very latest vapour curing technology
  • Choose from an extensive catalogue of standard designs

As cornices were more typically used in architecture centuries ago, old buildings now being renovated may require replacement cornices. Rather than incurring considerable additional expense on a natural stone cornice, many architects now specify cast stone cornices. The cast stone process allows for any intricate detail from the original natural stone cornice to be accurately replicated, plus the colour matched to the original and/or remaining stonework.

We have a range of standard cast cornice products in a wide range of colours, click to download the colour manual and drawing on the left.  Or get a free quote for your order, and download CAD drawing of our cast stone cornice.  

Cast Stone Cornice CN443
Cast Stone Cornice CN001
Cast Stone Cornice CN614
Cast Stone Cornice CN443
Cast Stone Cornice CN001
Cast Stone Cornice CN614
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