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Procter Cast Stone Quality Standards 

  • All Procter Cast Stone products are manufactured in-house by experienced craftsmen generally in accordance with BS1217: 2008.
  • All production is stringently checked for quality, colour and consistent finish to ensure it meets our required high level of quality.
  • Use of a bar coding system ensures traceability and facilitates reliable dispatch of components to match customer site requirements.

Click here to view British Standards relating to cast stone products. 

The UKCSA Standards

As a member of UKCSA (United Kingdom Cast Stone Association) Procter Cast Stone fully complies with its rigorous standards, and these standards exceed the British Standards for cast stone by at least 40%.  The following explains more about the UKCSA standard and the background to it.

The UKCSA was closely involved in producing the original British Standard for cast stone (BS1217) in 1997 and and its update in 2008.  The British Standard covers aspects including strength, water absorption, dimensional tolerances and design considerations.

While supporting BS1217, the UKCSA recognises that the key issue for cast stone is the material's durability and weathering characteristics.

As a result of research carried out by the University of Dundee, the UKCSA has produced its own standard, with a mix design of 35 MPa.  This is at least 40% above the basic British Standard and ensures the strongest cast stone available, with outstanding durability and site handling.

It also means being able to predict precisely the performance of cast stone as a structural material.  Whether your design details are standard or bespoke, they will be tailored exactly to your specification.

The UKCSA standard includes their party verification, comprising a rigorous regime of product testing - the results of which must be logged with UKCSA - and plant inspections.  To help you specify cast stone correctly, the UK Cast Stone Association (UKCSA) has produced a new generic specification which is available to download.

The National House - Builder Council (NHBC) recommends: "When specifying or using cast stone ensure it is produced to BS1217 or, better still, the higher standard adopted by UKCSA members."