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Procter Cast Stone - Aftercare Service 


What is Procter Cast Stone's aftercare service?

Not only is the installation of cast stone an important factor but the aftercare and maintenance is too. By ensuring the upkeep of your cast stone, your products will remain in perfect condition which allows for a more long-lasting appearance and finish. Procter Cast Stone offers a variety of services, undertaken by our team of experts and specialists to help you keep your stone in the best state possible. 

Quite often, our cast stone can get dirty and soiled during the construction phase of a project. Dust from cutting, mortar stains and other staining can leave the customer with a finish that doesn't truly reflect our high standards and quality cast stone. It's a shame to see our product condition be compromised by other trades on site. The cleaning of cast stone is a specialist service as it includes the use of acids with which care needs to be taken not to change the surface texture or appearance of the stone.

This is something that a lot of people struggle to get right. The mix for pointing cast stone is vastly different from a brick pointing mix and unfortunately a lot of the time it is not done correctly which can spoil the finished look. We can help out by carrying out this part of the work even if the customer doesn't utilise our installation service. By having our team do this (usually in tandem with a thorough clean), the customer can ensure a finished look that mirrors the worth of their project. As part of this service, we can also redo any poor pointing by the previous builders by grinding out the incorrect pointing and doing it again to a higher standard that the customer will be more than pleased with.

If handled incorrectly cast stone can get damaged, particularly on sharp corners and arises. Procter Cast Stone offer a repair service where our team of specialists will undertake almost any project to make your stone look as if it were brand new. Although there is a cost to the customer for this, it is cheaper and quicker than requesting new stone for replacing anything that has been damaged.  


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