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Cast stone installation and delivery services

At Procter Cast Stone we offer our customer the option to use our expert installation service rather than just have the cast stone product delivered to site.
Cast stone portico during installation by Procter
For relatively simple cast stone features - so perhaps a cill or head - it's generally the case that a building contractor will have all the necessary skills to install them properly.  However, for more complex features - e.g. a portico or balustrade - our customers often prefer to use our expert installation service. 

Advantages of using the Procter Cast Stone installation service

Like many things in life, installing a cast stone feature as part of a larger building project is not likely to be a day-to-day occurrence for most people, and that includes even experienced building contractors.  But it is a regular occurrence for our specialist team of installers, who understand all the particular characteristics of cast stone and therefore can ensure a perfect installation every time.

And although having a cast feature installed by our team might, on the face of it, seem like an incremental cost, the reality is that it will often work out cheaper than using the main contractor, because the specialist will usually take less time with the installation and will get it right first time.

Cast stone grouting applied

There's also the advantage that the cast stone feature or features remain our responsibility right up until the installation is complete.  So in this respect there's the added reassurance of knowing that the investment remains secure throughout the installation (obviously there's a risk to it if contractors are not familiar with handling and installing cast stone features). 

To summarise the advantages of using our expert installation services:

  • Our installers fully understand cast stone products and have the experience and knowledge to ensure a perfect job
  • It's often more cost-effective to use specialists than main contractors as the job will take less time
  • There's the added reassurance of knowing that the products remain our responsibility right up until the time the installation is complete 

Contact us for details about cast stone installation

If you'd like to better understand how our installation service works and for a no-obligation quote, then please contact us now. 

Delivery service also available from Procter Cast Stone

Delivery of our cast stone products to our customers' sites is usually by our own transport, with this being something we consider important to ensure both safe delivery and unloading. 

For all deliveries, we work with our customers to ensure that it is on the day needed and this to dovetail with the broader construction schedule.  As part of this and on larger projects - e.g. a housing development - we can hold stock at our premises and organise phased deliveries and again to meet the construction schedule. 

Of course sometimes the construction of a new building or renovation of an existing building can be delayed because of factors such as the weather, and therefore this affects the schedule.  When this occurs, our flexible approach means we can reorganise deliveries to fit in with our customers.


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