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sitemeeting.jpgTechnical consultation and site survey 

Our technical staff provide free consultation to architects, other specifiers and self-builders in order to assist in the selection and design of all cast stone features.  Involving us at an early stage in a project, ensures that all issues can be taken into account such as design, technical performance and budget parameters, as well as scheduling deliveries to suit building programme requirements.

Our team at Procter Cast Stone are always happy to help in any way they can, and we know from many years' experience that this can be invaluable to our customers.  One of the reasons for this is that for many of the people we deal with, cast stone features are a very infrequent purchase - or even a one-off purchase for self-builders.  As a consequence, this relatively specialist building product is not something which everyone knows a great deal about, and therefore having technical experts on hand is obviously important. 

Our technical consultation service has a number of stages and possible levels:

Initial advice on the suitability of cast stone features for the project

At an early stage in a building project and where using cast stone is a possible option, an initial discussion with us will help determine suitability and cost effectiveness.  This applies to both new builds and renovation projects, though on the latter and if the intention is to replace worn or damaged natural stone features, then high quality cast stone will nearly always be the better option. 

More detailed input on design for specific features

Once the decision is made to use cast stone within the building project, a more detailed assessment is needed and from here our experts can help with design of specific features.  At this point we'd also consider performance factors such as weight loading, and if the project was a building restoration then we'd normally meet our customer on site.

Site survey service for cast stone projects

We are always very happy to meet our customers on site to discuss in detail the technical requirements for cast stone features, take dimensions, assess quantities, agree schedules, match existing stonework colours, plus give other technical advice and answer questions about cast stone generally.  Where the project is building renovation and where there are a number of different designs of cast stone feature to be installed, a site survey from us is generally recommended.            

Expert advice and help

A site survey can also just be part of the technical consultation process where our potential customer is weighing up the advantages of cast stone over quarried stone and is looking for expert advice and help.  Where this is the case, a site survey allows for the full assessment of all factors and therefore clarity will ensure as a result of the onsite meeting.  

Final specification on all features needed

With the above complete, we'd move to final design and specification, and throughout the process keep you informed to ensure we were meeting your expectations and sharing our knowledge about cast stone. 

Production and delivery scheduling - plus installation option

An important element of the consultancy service we provide is around the timing of production and delivery to site, plus advice on handling and installation for which we are also pleased to offer our specialist installation service.  And it is important because we understand from our great experience the length of time each part of the process takes, therefore we can advise on exact timings to ensure the cast stone product is ready on the day it is needed as part of the building schedule for our customer and also their building contractors and others involved in the process.  We also offer a specialist installation service, and can advise on the merits of this versus using main contractors.   

We're here to help with your cast stone inquiries
Finally, our technical consultation service isn't just there for our existing customers or potential customers who know they're definitely interested in using cast stone; it's there for anyone who wants advice.  So even if you'd just like to understand more about cast stone and how it could be used on a potential project you're involved with in the future.

Our UK-central Base

Having a UK-central base near Leeds allows us to be able to cover site visits and surveys across the UK.  So to discuss how we might be able to help you to schedule a site survey, call us or fill out the quick form and we will get back to you.  

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